Guilt trip

Life happens; when you’re all in love with people around you – you try to do every bit that you understand, to make them happy.


And suddenly, you have to let go of them, not because you want them to go. But because they might’ve found comfort somewhere else, coz they deserve a free life, coz they deserve to live guilt-free and happily.

You let them go because your 100% is maybe less for them than they want, cause you deserve peace just as they deserve choices in life.

Not every light finds it’s way to darkness, not every desert gets the rain. You’re special and you’re enough! ❤️


There’s enough darkness in this world waiting to get lit, it’s unfair to dim your light over one dark experience 😇



All we need is to learn to stop glorifying wrong things and to stop taking the right things for granted. We need to learn to forgive ourselves. Life is short to live on a guilt trip!

. 🙏🏻😇❤️

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