Faces of love ❤️

All that is Love, sparkles ✨💗

// Nobody taught us Love when they taught about how to use our brains and how our hearts operate 💛

No way we knew that Love bleeds with pride, Love is not Love if there’s no fight, fight of life! ❣️ And the more we burn, the more we learn. We reach a phase where pain becomes a partner and you laugh, laugh out loud trying to find your old self.

But, Love is Love. It humbles, it is the only power that can heal what it destroys.🖤 I fall, I smile, I wonder, I wander, I lose, I gain, I cherish, I get pain, I die, I live, I relive, I wish, I surrender, I moan, I sing, I dance, I prank, I give, I fear, I rejoice, I reminisce, I manage, I realise.. Realise // I realise, love is the birth and Love is the death, it is the start, it is the journey, the destination till the end 💞



@thealtruisticsoul https://instagram.com/p/BfL0opYg4ho/


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