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He was chaos, and confused

She was messy

And fussy

Soon though

His chaos found –

comfort in her mess

And her mess found –

light in his darkness

Lost in him, she became the chaos

She got lost in his chaos

She loved his chaos

She fell –

into the depth of his darkness

Madly in love,

Too much, that until

She lost him

Just when –

She figured a way

To calm

Each wave of his storm

To save him from

His own chaos,

his every damn chaos

To find a light

In middle of night

To hold him safe

To pour him love

all her love…


Hopelessly lost

This was not the first time,

When I was hopelessly lost

Into the strange pull

Of your aura ..

Terribly confused, falling into you,

to the uncertainties,

to the innocence of our belongings,

to the purity of our hearts,

to the chats and the pats –

“We’re the STARS, we’re the BEST!”, you said,

to the “Let’s do it, do it together” tags,

to the depth of our understandings,

to the “always will be there in all” bliss,

to our unnamed ‘___ships’

to those unexplained needs,

to your listening ears and my sparkling dreams,

to the flowing confidence and happy streams,

to the badass dares & silent stares…


This was not the last time,

when this strange girl,

got hopelessly lost & terribly confused!

You know what’s worse?

I think I may have fallen, madly,

a thousand times more,

for a thousand lives more! ♥️


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To my 3 am bestie

Every minute is so special so valuable, what happens to it when you don’t spend it in the thoughts of your most valuable love in your life?

You taught me to live, to value myself, to love- one more time, to believe in life, to have faith, to grow, to learn, to smile and most importantly- to not give up.

Here I am, at 4.01 am, unable to sleep, unable to stop. Spent last 4 hours thinking about you and having conversations with you in my mind.

Here I am, who wants to live, who values myself, who loves you again, who believes in life, who has faith, who is rising above, growing, who is smiling, and who is not giving up on you.

Here I am, wanting you to know me one more time, listen to me one more time, wanting you to believe in life, wanting you to value yourself, Love once again, to smile and to give me a chance one last time.

Here I am counting every breath, hoping so that before I finish counting, you would be here with me, understanding that people are not always as difficult as situations make them sometimes in life. People change, and sometimes they change for good. Sometimes, they deserve a chance.

Here I am, thinking of you, hoping that on your inside, you’re thinking about me too, secretly, truly and maybe for once, for once you will listen to me.

The spot

She chose her days and nights, her sunrises and sunsets,

she chose her friends and families..

Her wandering soul, always looking out, always curious,

always wanting to find something, something different..

In this world where she didn’t fit in, searching for something wild,

something that can help her to meet the odds, to accept the mess,

to breathe in the peace, to exhale all the love..


Her wandering soul, always looking out, always curious,

to find a right spot, hoping for it to be, in a similar soul like hers,

where she could pour in all her love, she could feel home,

she could walk barefoot on beaches with,

and hold hands, sit outdoors, witness sunsets.


A spot that nobody could claim back from her, a spot so special..

A spot belonging to her world, with no agreements needed,

A spot that could help her grow, open her wings, take tall steps,

A spot that would fly with her own spot,

off all the roads – the roads where they broke her.


Her wandering soul, always looking out, always curious,

wants this spot to enlighten her dark roads, to be the star of her dark sky..

cause she founds her one scar beautiful and sweet, a scar so special,

the pain so sweet, so regular, always shows up in her loneliness..


And still, her wandering soul, always looking out, always curious,

waits for that new spot, to heal her scars,

unaware. unaware, that the spot is herself!

It is her inner strength, the magical in her own soul,

the reason why she is a giver, why she shows up all the time,

It is her own spot that keeps her smiling,

that she witnesses more sunsets than sunrises,

that she falls more than flying, hurts more than healing..

and yet, her wandering soul, always looking out, always curious,

is looking out for that spot!


A mundane Mumbai morning //

Looking out of the window while at work. Life is amazing, and then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful it is ordinary and mundane and routine.



Wish it is easy to breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, relax & exhale during the ordinary.


I think that is just living. Heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary, mundane life.



And it is beautiful in it’s broken moments, in all the parts of this living, in it’s own way







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Faces of love ❤️

All that is Love, sparkles ✨💗

// Nobody taught us Love when they taught about how to use our brains and how our hearts operate 💛

No way we knew that Love bleeds with pride, Love is not Love if there’s no fight, fight of life! ❣️ And the more we burn, the more we learn. We reach a phase where pain becomes a partner and you laugh, laugh out loud trying to find your old self.

But, Love is Love. It humbles, it is the only power that can heal what it destroys.🖤 I fall, I smile, I wonder, I wander, I lose, I gain, I cherish, I get pain, I die, I live, I relive, I wish, I surrender, I moan, I sing, I dance, I prank, I give, I fear, I rejoice, I reminisce, I manage, I realise.. Realise // I realise, love is the birth and Love is the death, it is the start, it is the journey, the destination till the end 💞





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Valentine is every day..

Met this beauty on the very day I fell in love with someone as beautiful inside out! 😍☺️ I must admit it to be the best moment, best day, Best laughter, Best walk ! 😆

Most times, the feelings come in most unexpected and gentle ways, we don’t know what happens why and we go with the flow.

And most times what we forget is how much efforts it takes to maintain and survive through the rains in order to see the rainbows.

How we express our love for our world, our life, our fellow travelers, and ourselves, all of it shape the quality of our experience.

From hopeless romantics to bitter old Scrooges, Love plays a role in how we lead our life.

It may be our rose-coloured glasses, or the spring in our step, or the reason we’ve sworn off this or that.

Our favourite love song, whether it is “Daydream believer” or “Love stinks” even tells you a lot and how much love affects us and how much of it we have in us.

One of the most important lessons in Love are that love is what we make of it, the more we give, the more we get; true love is falling in love with the same person over and over again.



Also, I recently read ‘A Peaceful Warrior’ book, and one of the things it teaches is that “Those who are the hardest to love, need it the most.” 🤘🏻



Here’s wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who believes in it, mostly to people who make each day of life as much worthy and loving as today! ❤️ .


@thealtruisticsoul .


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Guilt trip

Life happens; when you’re all in love with people around you – you try to do every bit that you understand, to make them happy.


And suddenly, you have to let go of them, not because you want them to go. But because they might’ve found comfort somewhere else, coz they deserve a free life, coz they deserve to live guilt-free and happily.

You let them go because your 100% is maybe less for them than they want, cause you deserve peace just as they deserve choices in life.

Not every light finds it’s way to darkness, not every desert gets the rain. You’re special and you’re enough! ❤️


There’s enough darkness in this world waiting to get lit, it’s unfair to dim your light over one dark experience 😇



All we need is to learn to stop glorifying wrong things and to stop taking the right things for granted. We need to learn to forgive ourselves. Life is short to live on a guilt trip!

. 🙏🏻😇❤️

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Men don’t sympathise..

Guys, she will look gentle to you, or may be loving and charming and she will be all about caring & sharing.

She will be a giver, and most times you won’t have to ask for anything.

She will remind you of butterflies and wings, of homeliness and flings.

She will come off like a surprise, in a magical guise.

She will help and ask for your guidance, for a friend and for a moral support.

She will seem naive, and sometimes with a bunch of smart innocence, she will look all sort of a package to you.. .


Please do not sympathise with her, do not hold her and do not comfort her.

Do not make her feel safe, do not provide her with your fake cocoon, do not give her the hopes of evolving and surviving IF you do not plan to keep making her feel safe, keep holding her till the end. Coz you do not get to decide or chose the end, you do not get the right to take away her safe cocoon as per your whims and wishes.

You do not get to break her just Coz you were the one to mend her once.

So, do not sympathise. Do not hold and do not promise. .


Let her be, let her die early, let her suffer and struggle alone, let her succeed alone .. right from the start! .




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Fall in love with life, again

“Sitting still is a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it.” – Pico Ayer in his book “The Art of Stillness”

Now, that’s so true! We get distracted so much and distractions that turn us away from miracle of life all around us are harmful.

Came across these words and these thoughts remind me of my travel to North India, one of my most blissfull experiences! 

At the Solang Valley, we did some trekking and for me most time I was lost watching the tourists and locals doing their routine activities. To watch every detail of the amazingly charming cattles and locals giving their hearts out to people visiting this heaven.

To be at such places where paying attention to everything going around us, noticing the quality of light and lives, appreciating the people around us, the loveliness of our breath as it comes in and out! Such beauty life is out of distractions and social media. It is not difficult to fall in love with life, all over again! 

The time that I spent there got me closer to who I was and what my soul was seeking. It gave me ample of new ways to think about my life and dreams differently. We can never find what we seek, but we can slowly be there at some level of satisfactory phase which empowers us to improve on everything we do, on daily basis.

I am wanting to spend more and more time traveling and exploring – the world, and myself!